January Misiak

January Misiak (1972) was born and completed secondary education in Szczecin, where he went to the Secondary School of Art. He then moved to Poznań to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. He now lives in Gdynia and does comics, satirical cartoons, press illustrations, and oil painting. He has exhibited in Poland, as well as in Slovenia, Brazil, Macedonia, Switzerland, and other countries. Misiak's comics were part of a series of exhibitions, STRIPBUREK – Comics from the Other Europe. They were also on display at the International Comics Festival in Łódź, where they competed for the Graphic Short Story Award. His satirical cartoons have won awards at festivals in Syria, China, Sweden, Belgium, and Italy. Misiak has published in such periodicals as Stripburk (Slovenia), Mococo (France), Aarh! (the Czech Republic), or Kultura Popularna (Poland). His comic drawn for a short script by Jerzy Szyłak appeared in the album Benedykt Dampc. Prywatny detektyw. He is currently working on Loving Vincent, the world's first feature-length painted animated film about the brilliant painter Vincent Van Gogh, as animator and painter in charge of the black and white section.

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