Jarosław Barzan

Film editor
As an editor he has worked for television and film production since 1992. His feature film debut came in 1997, in the film "Łóżko Wierszynina" directed by Andrzej Domalik. His first significant success was the editing award for the movie "Pół Serio" (2000) and "Warszawa" (2003) at the Gdynia Film Festival. He was also awarded for the editing of video clips (Yach Festival) and  commercials. He received  nominations for the Eagle Award (Polish Film Award) for editing the movies, "Pitbull" (2006), "Ladies" (2009) and "Bogowie" (2015). Barzan’s other works include "Lęk Wysokości" (2011), "Carte Blanche" (2015), and "Discopolo" (2015).

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