Jerzy Zieliński

Director of photography
Director of photography, graduate of the Lodz Film School. He started his career in the Educational Films Studio in Lodz (Wytwornia Filmów Oświatowych w Łodzi), with “Elementarz” directed by Wojciech Wiszniewski among them (which was later awarded for the best cinematography at the Short Films Festival in Cracow). He was the cinematographer for Filip Bajon’s feature film debut “Aria dla Atlety” (1979) – awarded for the best cinematography at the Festival of Polish Feature Film in Gdańsk. He also shot the “Klucznik” TV series directed by Wojciech Marczewski, with Tadeusz Łomnicki in the leading role. In the following years he often worked with both these directors: with Bajon he did “Wizja lokalna 1901” and “Limuzyna Daimler-Benz”, while “Dreszcze” and “Ucieczka z kina Wolność” were a result of his collaboration with Marczewski. In the mid-1980s he began to work in the USA on American production sets, including Agnieszka Holland’s “Washington Square” (1997) and “The Third Miracle” (1999). Jerzy Zieliński is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers ASC and the Academy of Motion Picture and Science AMPAS.

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