Karolina Bielawska

Graduated  from  the  Andrzej  Wajda  Master  School  of  Film  Directing  in  Warsaw  and  in directing  from  the  Krzysztof  Kieślowski  Radio  and  Television  Faculty  at  the  University  of Silesia  in Katowice.  Directed  short  films  and  documentaries  which  have  been  shown  and awarded at major international and Polish film festivals. Her last movie “Call me Marianna” won The Golden Horn for the best film at 55 Krakow Film Festival: “Style follows the story in this sensitive, intense and complex portrayal of a brave approach to life and the steps to a new life in harmony in one's real identity. It was encouraging to see this story being told at this  time.  Conceptionally  convincing  cinematic  levels  make  the  protagonist's  complex  life experiences comprehensible in an intimate as well as universal way. The journey through life from  man  to  woman  in  a  dualistically  dominated  culture,  the  transformation  from  being  a family man to the finally self­determined life as a woman throws an analytically inspired light on our society and unlocks the protagonist's extraordinary inner strength”.
Karolina Bielawska is known also from “Warsaw available” (2009), “Bielińskiego 6” (2005) and short films “The end of summer” (2007), “Hotel” (2005), “Just married” (2005).

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