Katarzyna Herman

Katarzyna Herman is a theatre and film actress. A graduate of the State Academy of Drama in Warsaw, she works for Warsaw’s Teatr Powszechny. Her career kicked off right after graduating with a honourable mention for her role of Irina in Musztra – sztuka i życie at the 12th National Review of Drama School Diploma Shows in Łódź. She debuted in the theatre with her role of Agafya Tikhonovna in an adaptation of Gogol's Marriage, which earned her an award at the 35th Kalisz Theatre Meetings. She had her silver-screen debut in the 1996 picture Urok wszeteczny (Deceptive Charm). She has appeared in popular television series, including Boża Podszewka (1997), M jak miłość (2004), and Egzamin z życia (2005). She achieved great popularity thanks to her role in the legal drama series Magda M. Her other interesting roles include those in Ekipa, Agnieszka Holland's hit television series, the feature film Świadek koronny (The State Witness) and its television series version, Odwróceni. Her most recent notable credits include Płynące wieżowce (Floating Skyscrapers), Oszukane, and W sypialni (In the Bedroom).

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