DJ, journalist and promoter. Half of the Sorry, Ghettoblaster duo and a co-creator of the iconic series of events under the same name. He used to be a vice editor-in-chief of “Laif” and “Aktivist”, now he works for a couple of magazines and hosts his two broadcasts on Radio Roxy. He is the 2008 winner of Pulp magazine award for the best DJ collective. He regularly performs as a DJ in Poland and abroad – last year he played at the Heineken Open’er and Selector festivals in Poland, but also in France, Switzerland and Great Britain. His sets incorporate all forms of dance electronic music, including the latest blog hits, sexy disco, modern house or classic techno. He has also created music for numerous fashion shows, both huge international brands and Polish designers (Tomek Ossoliński, Dawid Woliński, Pycior, Justyna Chrabelska). He’s keen on music which escapes all sorts of restrictions and DJs who are not afraid to take risk. 

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