Krzysztof Kozłowski

He is a film expert and theater scholar, Professor of AMU. He deals with aesthetics and film theory, history of American and German cinema, history of European theater from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, film music, history and theory of media. He is the author and editor of numerous publications; the most important are, among others \"Teatr i religia sztuki. \"Parsifal” Richarda Wagnera\"\" (Poznań 2004), \"Barry Lyndon\" (Poznań 2006), \"Richard Wagner, Dramaturgia opery. Wybór pism z lat 1871–1879,\" prologue and scientific editing work, (Gdańsk 2009), \"Szekspir. Teoria lancasterska – domysły i fakty,\" scientific editing work together with Tomasz Kowalski (Warsaw 2012), \"Stanley Kubrick. Filmowa polifonia sztuk\" (Warsaw 2013). Discussion Panel with Tomasz Raczek and Krzysztof Kozłowski \"Is Stanley Kubrick the Most Important Director in the History of Cinema?\" will take place on 4th August.

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