Krzysztof M. Kaźmierczak

As a young man he was the editor of independent youth and artistic press. He studied sociology, but then interrupted his studies to take up journalistic work. For a long time he was a criminal and court reporter, then an investigative journalist. He worked for "Gazeta Poznańska," "Nowy Dzień" and "Superexpress". Currently he is employed by the "Glos Wielkopolski" daily. He is the initiator and co-founder of the Social Committee set up to "Explain the death of Jarosław Ziętara". He runs the blog jarek.sledczy.pl. He is the author of several books, among others, Ściśle tajne” (2009) and „Tajne spec. znaczenia” (2009) and co-author of „Sprawa Ziętary. Zbrodnia i klęska państwa” (2015). He has won various journalistic competitions. In 2012, the Polish Journalists Association awarded him the honorary award "Watergate" for his publications on the investigation of the murder of Jarosław Ziętara. In 2013, he received the honorary award "Świadek Historii” [the Witness of History] from the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), which he returned in protest against the participation of the Institute in distorting the recent history.

Photo by Mariusz Forecki

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