Krzysztof Stachyra

Music therapist
Qualified music therapist with over a decade of experience, university lecturer in Poland and abroad. President of the Polish Association of Music Therapists and the Polish Association of Art Therapy, member of the Music Therapy Education and Training Committee within the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT). The editor-in-chief of a scientific quarterly “Art Therapy” and an editor of an international journal of music therapists “VOICES” published by the University of Bergen in Norway. Following a series of training courses in the USA, Ireland and Great Britain, he is entitled to perform music psychotherapy with the use of the method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). He is an author of a number of scientific articles and books on music therapy. He has performed music therapy since 1997 – first with adult psychiatric patients (mostly schizophrenia), then with children with varying degree of impairment, autism, young people with problems relating to emotional competences. At presents he performs music therapy for adults with intellectual disability and autism as well as music psychotherapy using the GIM method for people suffering from stress, phobia, depression or having suffered trauma, abuse, different forms of violence, people seeking support and acceptance as they go through some changes in their lives.

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