Lucyna Zembowicz

She is a film expert, graduate of the Institute of Audiovisual Arts of the Jagiellonian University, cultural animator. 
She has organized, among others, PaKA and Theatrical Reminiscences festivals, numerous concerts, film screenings and exhibitions. She was responsible for film distribution and press service for the Ale kino! tv channel. She co-creates the Generator Foundation, which promotes the use of Polish films in psychology as a tool of psychological education, therapy and crisis intervention since 2009 (kinoterapia.pl). She specializes in educational and psychoeducational projects and is the originator of  projekcje.edu.pl. She conducts training for teachers and meetings after screenings of films for children. She is the originator and artistic director of the Food Film Fest culinary cinema review and the president of the Slow Food Warsaw Association in Warsaw.

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