Łukasz Bielan

born in Warsaw, at the age of 19 moved to the USA to study the art of cinematography at the then famous Columbia College Hollywood. That is where he met his master, Sven Nykvist, and for 9 years continued education under his watchful eye. He worked with Sven Nykvist in his last greatest films: “Chaplin”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Only You”. Łukasz Bielan has worked as a cinematographer during the production of “Fairie” and some popular TV series, such as “Tracey Takes On...”, “The Huntress”, and a few “CSI:NY” episodes. He has also made many commercials and music videos (e.g. for Robert Gawliński, Kayah, Edyta Bartosiewicz). As a camera operator, he worked at multiple superproduction sets (“Hancock” and “Kingdom” directed by P. Berg, “Transformers” 2 and 3 by M. Bay, M. Mann’s “Public Enemies, Battle: Los Angeles” by J. Liebesman, “Life of Pi” by A. Lee, or “Oblivion” directed by J. Kosiński) In Hollywood, Łukasz Bielan is known for his exquisite handheld shooting (including 3D).

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