Marcin Kondraciuk

President and founder of the association Gliwicki Klub Filmowy WROTA. Director of the International Film Festival DRZWI since 2007. He has run film workshops throughout the country. He is the initiator of a new form of art therapy "movie set filmotherapy", which he has for many years been introducing to film and therapeutic environment. As founder of the Intervention Film Group he organizes residential workshops. In the club he directed such films as "„Skok Tourette`a” " (the film won among others the UNICA Medal for the Most Humane Treatment of Man), „Ten Zły”, [“The Evil One"], „Droga do Zrozumienia”"["The Road to Understanding"]. He is a socio-cultural therapist and animator, an independent artist as well as member of the production film group “Kopalnia Snów” ["Mine of Dreams"] where he is the director and producer. In his work he tries to involve people of different abilities to work together on one result.

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