Marek Sołek

Stunt performer and stunt coordinator
He has worked during production of such films as: With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i mieczem), Out of reach (S. Seagal), Wielkie ucieczki, Street Fighter, Dziki, Iron Cross, Kryminalni, Black Thursday (Czarny Czwartek), The Last Sentinel, Dzień gniewu, True crimes, Kamerdyner. During the 1st International Pyrotechnic Arts Gala, he set a new record of Poland by jumping from the top of a crane (41 metres) onto a self-constructed air cushion. He also set a record for a burning body stunt – 3 minutes, and was awarded with a Golden Fenix statuette for the best stunt performer 2008. He is the only Polish member of Taurus World Stunt Award – the Academy which awards ‘stunt Oscars’. In 2010 he received a grant for a stay in Los Angeles, where he worked with top stunt coordinators and gained hands-on experience with technical innovations used for stunts in the film industry. Since 2010, he has coordinated and directed action scenes in Bollywood films such as Kick, Azaan, Bangistan. He has a shooting license and a car racing licence. He also does horse-riding, fencing, martial arts, acrobatics and parachuting.
Author and translator of books such as Pielgrzym Graala, 6 ćwiczeń na drodze do wolności, M. Czechow, O technice aktora. In 1996, he founded the Polish School of Stunt Performers (Polska Szkoła Kaskaderów), operating under the patronage of the director of the Polish Film Institute. He also created Stunt Team Poland – a group of 50 stunt performers. Marek Sołek is also a member of Taurus World Stunt Award – the Academy which awards ‘stunt Oscars’ [2015 nomination for Kick].

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