Marta Boczkowska

Psychologist, certified crisis intervention specialist, mediator, certified psycho-dietician
Doctoral student at SWPS University in Warsaw. She works on her PhD project within the research project "Searching for meaning and sense of life, as well as personal development as a result of trauma: prospective research" under a scholarship from the National Science Centre. She gained professional experience as a psychologist of the Municipal Centre for Preventive Care, Crisis Intervention Centre in Łódź, Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź and Centre for Help for Crime Victims of the Subvenio Foundation in Łódź. She works with people who experienced crisis or trauma, both individually and in groups. She conducts training and workshops connected with: preventive care, interpersonal communication, efficient stress management and solving the conflicts. She is the co-author of preventive care programmes aimed at different professional groups, such as: healthcare professionals, teachers, uniformed services and employees of corporations. Her scientific interest encompasses: narrative construction of cognitive representations of reality, trauma and mechanisms of post-traumatic readaptation, stress (meaning-focused coping, proactive coping), spiritual transcendence.

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