Marta Habior

Producer in NO SUGAR FILMS
She has worked in film production since 2004 as a line producer, executive producer and producer.
Marta has experience in all sectors of the audiovisual industry (film, television and advertising)
She is the founder of and producer in NO SUGAR FILMS, the company that diversifies its activities combining film production and production services. Thanks to her extensive experience, Marta works mainly in the international environment providing her services to foreign productions as a service producer. She has worked with producers from France, Australia, the United States, Britain, Spain, Norway  and Germany. Numerous productions which No Sugar worked on were commissioned to the company on a recommendation of clients who were impressed by the outstanding quality of Marta’s work.  At the turn of 2012 and 2013 she worked in a coproduction with Norway as a producer of a 30 min feature film directed by Igor Devold, "Denial". In 2015, she worked in co-production with Bosnia and Herzegovina on Aleksandra Niemczyk’s debut "Centaur". Marta is directing the work on the development of the adaptation of Dostoevsky's "Crocodile" (Polish Days Nowe Horyzonty 2014 Sources 2 Script 2014) and the documentary "No Country for Great Men”. Last year she joined the staff of the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia, where she held lectures on the Feature Film Development and Management. She continually improves her qualifications participating in numerous workshops, and is an active member of the Young Producer Section of KIPA. She initiated the establishment of the Expert Working Group for the introduction of fiscal incentives for creative industries in Poland.

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