Martyna Harland

Psychologist at SWPS University
Graduate of Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies at SWPS and Warsaw Film Academy. She works as a journalist in "Hala Odlotów" in TVP Kultura and "Kocham Kino" in TVP2, where she combines interest in culture and psychology. She also runs a monthly column regarding cinema therapy, i.e. psychological influence of films, in the "Sens" magazine. She is a member of Female Filmmakers Association. In psychology she deals with the issue of emotions and emotional intelligence, as well as positive psychology: happiness, health and the quality of good life. She also conducts research on the influence of cinema therapy on development, self-awareness and understanding emotions. At SWPS University, she conducts classes in psychology of emotions and motivation, social psychology, visual persuasion, cinema therapy and new film studies.

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