Monika Kuczyniecka

Director / Author of music videos
Monika Kuczyniecka is involved in animated films both professionally and as a hobby. In 2007 Monika Kuczyniecka graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Multimedia Communication Department (animated films). She is the author, among other things, of music videos: "Rzeźba Dnia" (music by Renata Przemyk), "Ucieczka z wesołego miasteczka " (Czesław Śpiewa), „Bang, Bang” (Voo Voo), „Zabawki”, (Bajzel). „Wszystkie mają po chłopoku” (Dagadana), „Królewicz” (Jerz Igor), „Belly of the Beast” (jointly with J. Nastał and M. Pleskacz), "Nie ma czasu” (music by Na Górze). She has also done a 17 minute animation for the Copernicus Science Centre an adaptation of the H.CH.Andersen fairy tale "Father knows best".For several years, she has been running workshops in stop-motion animation (the plasticine and paper technique), for various events including the Animator Film Festival, Transatlantyk Festival, Zoom Zbliżenia in Jelenia Gora, and the National Festival of Animated Film O! PLA. She has obtained several film awards and honors in Poland and has had numerous individual and collective showings in the world (Brazil, Italy, Scotland, England, Romania, Slovenia, Argentina, France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic).

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