Paweł Głogowski

President of the association Ulepsz Poznań and Fundacja Junior
President of the association Ulepsz Poznań [Improve Poznan] and Fundacja Junior. He specializes in the subject of civic participation and urban development. He is an enthusiast of the idea of ​​civic budget, and is involved in its Poznan project. He has organized Citizens’ Debates on the Civic Budget for Poznan 2015 and is the author of "A Mini-Guide to Poznan Civic Budget 2016". Author of several articles on civic participation, he is a lover of urban space and unconventional education. He has been the coordinator of many transportation projects, including "Honourable Members - clean up advertising!", "City of Children" or "MIASTOmovie: POZ". For years he has been struggling against the "can’t-be-done" attitude in Poznan.

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