Paweł Wachowiak

3D technology specialist
Project Implementation and Logistics Manager at Systik, a 3D technology specialist. A graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. Since 2008 he has collaborated with the company SYSTIK. The company is involved in the processing of plastics, it is a manufacturer of pneumatic mail systems for major retail chains, industry and hospitals. In 2011 the company began investing in modern technologies, among other things, in 3D prints. The result was the purchase of one of the first professional 3D printers in Poland. Since then it has constantly increased its machinery park. Currently, the company has three MJM, CJP and FDM technology printers. The prints are applied in device prototyping, short production series as well as functional elements. The company owns the brands SYSTIK 3Dwydruki and 3Dfilamenty that offer services in the field of prints per order and material supplies distribution for all 3D printers in FDM technology. It also sells printing devices.

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