Peter Buchman

Two of the latest scripts written by Buchman are “Che: Part One” and “Che: Part Two”, both directed by Steven Soderbergh. “Che: Part One” received a Goya Award nomination. Currently, Buchman is making an adaptation of “Making Jack Falcone” for Paramount Pictures. The script is based on a real story of a secret FBI agent, which was described by Joaquin Garcia and Michael Levin. The film is directed by Oliver Assayas, with Benicio del Toro as the lead, whereas Steven Soderbergh is responsible for the production process. Buchman has also written a script for postapocalyptic science-fiction film “The Edge” for the 20th Century Fox, and previously to the “Jurrasic Park III” and “Eragon”. He cooperated with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, Martin Scorsese, Daniel Espinosa, Werner Herzog, and David O. Russell.

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