Piękni Chłopcy

A DJ tandem of Piękni Chłopcy (Beautiful Boys) consisting of Animisiewasz Startt and Piekny Chłopiec Ten Piękniejszy. This duo from Krakow was formed in 2004 during the creation of the program “Beautiful Boys Play Beautiful Songs” for ABC Radio Szczecin. Their initial fascination with broken-beat, dance jazz and afro-funk led Animisiewasz and Piękny Chłopiec to conquer Polish national dancefloors and evolve their style into dirty disco and nu beat. Even though nowadays they prefer more synthetic sounds, they still do relate to their origins. They have visited a bit of abroad, and they have travelled Poland from the seaside to Zakopane, performing in clubs and at festivals (Heineken Open’er, Selektor, Nowa Muzyka, Off Camera, Street Art Communication). As promoters they introduced to the Cracow audience such artists as Diesler (Tru Thoughts), Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45’s) Paul Murphy (Afro Art), Senorlobo (Lovemonk) or Dusty (Jazz & Milk), and they have played with Debruit, Kid Kenevil, Jazzanova, Deadelus, Tworzywo Sztuczne, Muzykoterapia and others. As Animisiewasz has been spending more and more time designing covers for various music labels, Piekny Chłopiec has become the one behind most mixes released recently. Check them on www.soundcloud/piekny chlopiec and www.soundclod/pieknichlopcy. Together with Daniel Drumz (Piękny Chłopiec Ten Dodatkowy), they have reactivated their original Szczecin.fm radio broadcast. 

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