Piotr Borowiec

Voice artist / Actor
An actor and voice artist, Piotr Borowiec graduated from Ludwik Solski Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow in 1989 and got his diploma in 1990. He worked as an actor in the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin between 1989 and 1990 and in the Leon Kruczkowski Lubuski Theatre in Zielona Góra between 1991 and 1992. In 1989 during the seventh edition of OPSDST (The National Theatre School Diploma Performance Review) in Łódź he got a drama award for the role of Ivan Karamazov in The Brothers Karamazov. He acquired his first experience in front of a microphone in Radio Kraków and in an advertising studio, Nieustraszeni Łowcy Dźwięków. In the mid-nineties he came to Warsaw to test himself as a narrator for feature films. He is a radio, TV and film narrator and he also does voice-overs for advertisements. He is a member of the Association of Polish Voice Artists.

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