Rafał Niewiarowski

Chef, restaurateur, musician, songwriter, the enemy of everything than comes in instant form. The lover of fish, seafood and giblets. He leads  cooking workshops for guests of his restaurant Dym na Wodzie  (Smoke on the Water) in Ustka, Poland. He participated in the 4th edition of Polish Top Chef. The creator of the Dinner for Four Hands menu. He likes to experiment in the kitchen with unusual ingredients. He cooperates with the HENDI  company. The author of a culinary  broadcast Sezonowa Kuchnia Rafała Niewiarowskiego (The Seasonal Kitchen of Rafał Niemirowski)  in Radio Słupsk . He worked in the oldest restaurant in the city of Słupsk – Metro, and later in several restaurants in Poznań (Poland) and Dublin  (Ireland). In his menu he aims to attain the Witkacy's “pure form”.

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