Robert Mirzyński

Journalist / Radio announcer / Theater and radio director
Journalist, radio announcer, theater and radio director. Over the years, he has worked for Radio Merkury, and Mój Teatr in Poznan. He is currently the director of the Center for Cultural Tourism “TRakt” in Poznan. He has written and directed many plays, literary, historical and entertainment programs. In 2002, he received the Medal of Young Art. He is the multiple winner of the Grand Prix at the Sopot Festival of Polish Radio and Television Theatre "Two Theatres", among others, for directing and producing the plays „Czarny czwartek”, „Opozycjonista”, „Kot mi schudł” (written by Katarzyna Grochola), „Kapelusz i ciasteczko” and „Człowiek, który powiesił Greisera” (written by Jozef Hen), he represented the Polish broadcasting companies at the Festival Prix Italia in Milan. His radio play „Igraszki z aniołem” was awarded during the Second Lodz Festival of Monodrama Mono w Manu.

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