Robert Townson

Producer of film music, who has released an average of one new album with film music per week for the last 25 years. His work focuses not only on the most successful blockbusters but has, since the very beginning, made a priority of restoring and releasing the priceless musical treasures of Hollywood’s glorious history. In July 2010, Townson celebrated the release of his 1000th album. Townson’s first album release was “Jerry Goldsmith’s The Final Conflict” in 1986. Another early project was the Grammy-nominated album “Ginger-Ale Afternoon”, composed by the blues legend Willie Dixon. Soon after this, Townson produced the soundtracks for the Academy Award-winning “Driving Miss Daisy” (Hans Zimmer) and “My Left Foot” (Elmer Bernstein). 1990 saw Townson produce CDs for seven of the summer’s top eleven films including the platinum-selling “Ghost”, plus “Back To The Future Part III”, “Die Hard 2: Die Harder”, “Robocop 2”, Jerry Goldsmith’s scores for “Total Recall” and “Gremlins 2”, and John Williams’ “Presumed Innocent”. In July 2010, Robert unveiled his 1,000th album — a deluxe box set presentation of Alex North’s masterpiece, Spartacus. With now over 1,200 albums to his credit, Robert Townson remains the most prolific producer of soundtrack albums in the world.

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