Robert Trzópek

Chef of the restaurant
Chef at the Holiday Inn in Warsaw Józefów. He gained his professional experience in the world's top restaurants including Le Manoir aux Quat 'Saisons in Oxford (2 Michelin stars), famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen (twice earned first place in the S. Pellegrino ranking of the world's best restaurants). His skills and talent lead to his invitation, as the only Pole, to cooperate with Ferran Adria - the legendary chef of El Bulli, thanks to whom the Spanish restaurant has gained worldwide recognition and 3 Michelin stars. Robert is one of the first Polish chefs practicing a so called "Kitchen of the future" - in cooking, he often uses the principles of the sous vide cuisine. Thanks to his innovativeness, Tamka 43, the venue, in which he has previously worked, took second place during its debut in the project Wine & Food Noble Night, and was honored with three Michelin forks. “I like to subject culinary tastes of my guests to constantly new tests - Poles have already become prepared for the surprising combinations of flavors. However, I am always guided by several key principles, fresh, natural ingredients and dishes changing with the seasons, Polish element in every dish because we use the goods produced on-site, such as hotel apiary, and a menu that is not too complex because it is based on seasonal products and dishes prepared from scratch. That is how I composed a new menu for the restaurant at the Holiday Inn in Józefów." - says Robert Trzópek.

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