Rolfe Kent

An award winning composer, author of scores for over 40 films, both independent and great Hollywood productions. His most recent works are “Charlie St. Cloud” and two movies with George Clooney. His works include the “Up in the Air” (nominated for Oscar and awarded by the International Press Academy with a Satellite Award for music) and “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. Rolfe Kent has received many BMI Film Music awards, e.g. for “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde” (2003), and a Golden Globe Award nomination for “Sideways” (2004). Rolfe Kent is the author of the Emmy-nominated theme song for “Dexter” (2006). He received the Ad Astra prize for his contribution to film art. Other artists awarded with the same distinction include Cloris Leachman, Chairman of the MPAA - Dan Glickman or Oscar nominee - Seymur Cassel. Rolfe Kent was born in England, in a family that had little to do with music. Nowadays he lives in Los Angeles, which he leaves from time to time to travel the world and enrich his collection of quirky music instruments. 

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