He made his debut on the Polish music market in 2009 with his “Lazy” album. It was received enthusiastically and right away placed the band among the top Polish leading alternative music artists. After their unforgettable premiere concert at Studio im. A.Osieckiej the band was nominated for Mateusze 2009, a prestigious prize awarded by Polish Radio 3. Their music has been described as: post rock, jazz, electronics, trans jazz, progressive rock, psychedelia, alternative guitar or simply as experimental. Snowman performs regularly at prestigious events and festivals, i.a. Gdynia Summer Jazz Days, three times at the Malta Festival, Opener 2011, Nowe Nurty, Globalbeat, Węgorzewo Rock Festival, Dwa Brzegi Film Festival 2010, Niewinni Czarodzieje 2010, Jarocin Festival, Europrowincjonalia, TR Warszawa, Prezydencja 2011... Their “Name Day!” was a part of the “OFFENSYWA 3” compilation from Polish Radio 3 Trójki, “Lazy” was included in “We are from Poland vol. 3” and “Combustion Lane” was listed in “Alternativepop vol.1”.

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