Stanisław Tyczyński

Founder of Alvernia Studios
Entrepreneur, founder of RMF FM - the first commercial radio station in Poland.
He studied physics at the Jagiellonian University, but during martial law introduced by the communist authorities in  Poland in December 1981 he interrupted his education and became an activist in the Solidarity movement. In 1984 he emigrated to France. When he returned to Poland in 1989, he founded radio RMF FM. He is the main investor of Alvernia Studios whose business includes advertising, films, organizing shows and concerts. Among other things the company worked on such films as "Bejbi Blues" ("Baby Blues"), „Drogówka” ("Traffic Department"), "Gorejący Krzew" ("Burning Bush"), "Droga na drugą stronę" ("Crulic - The Path to Beyond"), "Essential Killing", "Bogowie" ("Gods"), "Miasto 44" ("City 44"), "Disco Polo" and "Arbitrage"​.

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