Thomas Struck

Curator of the Culinary Cinema section at Berlinale
Born in Hamburg in 1943, Thomas Struck is a filmmaker whose credits include experimental films such as Der warme Punkt (1968) and television documentaries ("Damals in Hamburg – Die Beatles", 1966, "Richard Lester", 1968). After a decade of travelling he resumed filmmaking with animation shorts ("Hearts", 1981, "Stars", 1984). He was also involved in setting up the Filmmakers' Cooperative and the European Low Budget Film Festival in Hamburg. In the 1990s he coproduced the stage musical Blaubarts Orchester and made Walk Don't Walk, a documentary on feet and legs in New York. He also discovered his interest in gastronomy with Ein Weinjahr, a documentary about wine in the Mosel region. In 2001, Thomas Struck and Dieter Kosslick founded the Berlinale Talent Campus and inaugurated the festivals Culinary Cinema section in 2007.

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