Todd Terje

Todd Terje, a Norwegian DJ and producer, didn’t discover this kind of music straightaway. He started with piano lessons in his hometown, Mjøndalen. However, it was only after moving to Oslo that he realized what his real interest was. In Oslo, he met Prins Thomas and Lindstrøm, with whom he still cooperates. The trio offers a very specific Scandinavian vision of disco, which combines dub techniques, space sounds of synthesizers and dance pulsation. Terje’s innovative approach is a result of his great love for the classics of this genre, which shows in his highly valued covers of popular hits. The Norwegian does not hesitate to use songs of different artists: Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Wham! or Paul Simon. Terje once said he liked juicy music, with rich drum sounds, which provides the feeling of space and ease at the same time. It is the skillful combination of entirely different elements that makes his DJing sets so intriguing and gripping.

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