Waldemar Kalinowski

Production Designer
Waldemar Kalinowski latest engagement was designing the Danish Medieval Fantasy film "Shamer’s Daughter" which is currently in release. His other films are Irish director’s Lance Daly’s, "Life’s a Breeze" and "Kisses", both critically acclaimed. For HBO he designed "Treme" with Agnieszka Holland directing, "Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler Children" for director John Harrrison and "Crazy Heart" for Writer/Director Scott Cooper. In 2007 he completed Ed Harris’ western, "Appaloosa", Prior to that, he and Andy Garcia collaborated on "The Lost City", a film set during the Cuban Revolution. Their new collaboration will be the film "Hemingway". His other projects include "Path To War", John Frankenheimer’s last film, "Stigmata" for director Rupert Wainwright, "Dance with me" for director Randa Haines His five films with director Mike Figgis include "Leaving Las Vegas" at MGM. Earlier in his career he designed Randa Haines’ "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway", Clare Peploe’s "Rough Magic", Harold Becker’s "The Boost" and Victor Salva’s "Powder". 

Apart from feature films, Mr. Kalinowski has designed numerous music videos, commercials, television projects and stage installations.
Recently, Waldemar has been conducting film, culture and art seminars in Denmark and Sweden.
The second film where he’s credited as the co-writer will go into production this fall in Riga.
Born in Austria, raised in Warsaw, Poland, Kalinowski attended the University of Warsaw to study physics and mathematics. He received his Masters of Fine Arts degree from CalArts in California.

Waldemar’s eclectic professional activities include a research project on heat shields for the first Lunar Lander in 1969, a series of performance-video installation in the mid-seventies, a seven year stint as a fashion and advertising photographer and a continuing acting career which began with a role in the 1978 feature “Heaven’s Gate”.
His wife, Florence Fellman, an art historian with masters degree in 19th and 20th century European art, is his closest collaborator. Since 1984, the couple have has worked together as a Production Designer - Set Decorator team on most of Mr. Kalinowski’s projects. The couple have two children. Daughter Alexandra Paloma, a singer/songwriter and son, Ariel Bonaventura, a poet.

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