Wiktor Osiatyński

Wiktor Osiatyński (born 1945) is a doctor of sociology and holds a Ph. D. in Law. He was a lecturer at many universities (including Columbia, Stanford and the University of Chicago) and advisor to the constitutional committee in Poland and abroad. Osiatyński wrote over  20 books on various fields. In 2011, he received the award of the Institute of Public Affairs, for his book, "Prawa czlowieka i ich granice" ("Human rights and their limits").Wiktor Osiatyński is an active member of a number of international institutions and foundations that aim at strengthening civil society and democracy in post-communist and developing countries. In 1988, based on his personal experience, he founded the Commission for Education in the Field of Alcoholism and Other Addictions, operating by the Stefan Batory Foundation. His devoted the following books to these problems, "Grzech czy choroba” (1992), „Rehab” (2004) and "I grzech i choroba i...” (2007).

Since 2015 a member of Bioethics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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