Competitions, Guests, New Films - More Details Revealed!

For the first time Transatlantyk Festival announces two significant film competitions: Transatlantyk International Competition and Polish Shorts Competition. Moreover, we may already confirm the names of our first international guests, Transatlantyk: Mobile Cinema ŠKODA in two Polish voivodeships, Culinary Cinema and much more!
During this year’s edition of Transatlantyk Festival, internaltional film competition will take place for the first time. For the Main Award will compete feature films and documentaries which advocate values that shall be stored in the ark of collective memory. The productions with the capacity to transform audience’s worldview, to open their eyes for the world around. During the Closing Night Gala, the winner of Transatlantyk International Competition will be granted main award: the Golden Ark. The most acclaimed film that entered this year’s competition is undoubtedly "Fuocoammare" directed by Gianfranco Rosi, the winner of this year’s Berlinale. Moreover, the audience of Transatlantyk Festival will have a chance to see "Almost Holy" by Steve Hoover (co-produced by Terrence Malick), "Walls" by the directing duo: Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina, and "The Land of the Enlightened" by Pieter-Jan De Pue. Apart from the documentaries, the competition have entered also features: "Don’t Call Me Son" by Ana Muylaert, "One Week and a Day" by Asaph Polonsky, "Death in Sarajevo" by Danis Tanovic and "Viva", directed by Paddy Breathnach.

Contemporary scene of international short productions is based on three pillars: feature, documentary and animation - each of the genres being a crucial outlet for important, inspiring or eye-opening notions. Jury of this year’s Polish Shorts Competition will grant the main award to the film that best tells the tale of an issue central to the author’s film. The competition entered 15 films: "Love, love" by Grzegorz Zariczny, "Super rzecz" by Piotr Kabat, "Więzi" by Zofia Kowalewska, "Córka" by Tomasz Wolski, "Staje się" by Arkadiusz Biedrzycki, "Wióry" by Agata Mianowska, "Arkansas" by Sebastian Drożak, "Dupek" by Krzysztof Komander, "Trampkarze" by Marcin Filipowicz, "Ameryka" by Aleksandra Terpińska, "Płoty" by Natalia Krawczuk, "Gdybym tylko był pająkiem" by Katarzyna Warzecha, Alex Casianov and Martyna Majewska, "Dokument" by Marcina Podolca, "Moloch" by Szymona Kapeniaka oraz "Zmiana czasu na zimowy" by Grzegorz Dębowski.

She starred in few dozens of films, including the productions directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Louise Malle and Jacques Rivette, but Polish audience will most probably remember her appearance in the films by Krzysztof Kieślowski. One of the most renowned French actresses - known from "The Double Life of Véronique" and "Three Colours: Red" - Irene Jacob will be a guest of this year’s Transatlantyk Festival. During the event, a special screening of  "The Double Life of Véronique" and a meeting with Irene Jacob will take place. Another guests of the Festival will be composers: Roque Banos (responsible the soundtrack to "The Machinist", "Oldboy" and "The Last Circus"), Heitor Pereira ("Despicable Me", "Smurfs: The Lost Village") and Bill Whelan - the reator of famous Riverdance. Moreover, we will have the pleasure of hosting an actor known from Requiem for a Dream and Cloud Atlas - Keith David, as well as the director of a controversial film "Holy Hell" - Will Allen, and Gráinne Humphrey, the Director of Audi Dublin International Film Festival. We will inform you about our next guests soon.

We are pleased to inform that this year’s Opening Film of Transatlantyk Festival will be "The Unknown Girl" directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, which now competes for the Golden Palm in the main competition in Cannes. The protagonist, a young doctor, blames herself for the death of a girl she did not want to treat. She then embarks on a journey in order to find out who the mysterious girl really was. "The Unknown Girl" will premiere in Poland during Transatlantyk Festival.

Culinary Cinema is one of the most interesting sections of Transatlantyk Festival. Its audience will yet again have a unique opportunity of taking part in film screenings accompanied by exquisite dinners inspired by the presented productions. The key to Culinary Cinema is the idea of slow food as well as healthy diet and produce free of chemicals and GMO, what stands in direct opposition to the mass production. The guests of this year’s Culinary Cinema will have a chance to enjoy a dinner prepared by Wojciech Modest Amaro, a famous Polish chef awarded with Michellin star. Apart from Wojciech Modest Amaro, meals prepared according to their original menus will serve: Martin Gimenez Castro, Maciej Rosiński, Justyna Słupska-Kartaczowska as well as Rafał Niewiarowski. This unusual event is once again created in cooperation with Berlinale.

Transatlantyk: Mobile Cinema ŠKODA
Eighteen Polish cities, including: Piotrków Trybunalski, Skierniewice, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Pabianice, Łódź and Poznań, among others, will this year host Mobile Cinema ŠKODA! This year, on an unprecedented scale, Mobile Cinema ŠKODA will begin on June 3 and last for two straight months, featuring 24 screenings in outdoor cinemas that will take place in the weekends of June and July. In the City of Lodz, Mobile Cinema ŠKODA will give its visitors a special opportunity: contest for the location of the outdoor cinemas.  
ŠKODA is the partner of the Festival since 5 years!

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