First day of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL: SUPERB Evening Opening Gala, first film screenings, workshops and night-long party at Silent Disco!
“I woke up two days ago and I had an epiphany – the theme of this year’s Festival must be chaos! We live in times that favor global chaos caused by the excess of information therefore we want to speak about it”. This is how Jan A.P. Kaczmarek characterized the main theme of the fifth edition of TRANSATLANTYK at the press conference and SUPERB Evening Opening Gala. Here is what else happened on the first day of the Festival.

"It's not only a festival of cinema, but above all a festival of culture" - noted the co-host of the SUPERB Evening Opening Gala, Marcin Prokop. The gala officially inaugurated the 5th anniversary edition of the TRANSATLANTYK. During the event, the 120th birthday of cinema and of the ŠKODA company were celebrated. Both of those things happen to be of the same age. Aleksander Dębicz, the winner of the Instant Composition Contest 2013 improvised on stage playing music to the film that told the history of the ŠKODA company.
The vice-president of Poznan Agnieszka Pachciarz thanked Jan A.P. Kaczmarek saying "In the 1970s you sailed your boat to the waters of the art world just to return to us five years ago with the colorful Tansatlantyk". She also thanked him for raising the creative potential of the volunteers and collaborators of the festival.
During the SUPERB Evening Opening Gala the viewers gathered in the UAM Concert Hall had the opportunity to listen to a concert commemorating James Horner, a famous composer of film music who died in June. The Transatlantyk Symphony Orchestra with sixty musicians led by Monika Wolińska together with the Poznan Chamber Choir conducted by Bartosz Michałowski performed songs from the movies "Titanic" (with solo vocals by Barbara Gutaj from the Poznan Opera), "Avatar" and "Apollo 13". The organizers also remembered Jan Kulczyk, a businessman and longtime friend of the Transatlantyk Festival. To honor his memory, the orchestra performed the "Interlude" composed by Jan AP Kaczmarek.

The eight-day movie marathon was opened by the screening of "Dheepan" by Jacques Audiard, the winner of the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes festival.
"We are extremely proud of the fact that we are showing the movie as the second festival event in Europe. Until now only the audience at Cannes has had a chance to see it "- said Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, who personally greeted the viewers who came to see "Dheepan". Many people also chose the night session with the "The Salt of the Earth", a documentary by Wim Wenders, about the famous Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado.
Several hundred people watched “The Here After”, a Polish-Swedish co-production directed by Magnus von Horn, which was shown in the Director's Fortnight section at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The filmmaker met with the audience after the screening.
"Since I started living in Poland, I have looked at Sweden with a considerable distance. It seems to me that is a bit like the IKEA furniture - from the outside it’s perfect, but when you try to put it together an odd screw always gets lost”, joked von Horn during the discussion, led by the FilmWeb critic Adam Kruk. "The Here After" is a story about a young boy who, after returning from a reformatory, has to deal with the hatred of the people around him. "I am interested in the evil in its pure form. I often wonder if an average person would be capable of committing a crime", said the director. There were also questions about the Poznan accent in the movie. Wiesław Komasa, an actor who comes from Poznań played the role of grandfather in von Horn's film. "He just won the audition. His character does not speak a word, so it didn’t make any difference if the actor was Swedish or Polish", the director explained.
At 9:30 PM big crowds gathered on Jordan Bridge. The film "Finding Neverland" with music by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek inaugurated the Škoda Mobile Cinema shows in Poznan. The weather was like in southern Europe, the viewers could sit on comfortable deckchairs, so the Oscar-winning masterpiece could be enjoyed in an excellent atmosphere and a good start of one of the most popular sections of the Transatlantyk was guaranteed.

This year the Education&Inspirations section launched a unique Short Films Workshops at the Transatlantyk Festival. Tomasz Soliński, director and producer of independent and commercial films, the founder of the nationwide campaign "Weź to Nakręć!" introduced the participants to the secrets of creating films at every stage of their production. Young artists began to work in groups on the screenplay, the making and editing of a short feature film.

During the day the audience enjoyed a wide range of activities of the CineBedLibraTec, which has already been open for a week. In the evening, the viewers took part in the sessions the one-of-a-kind Cinema in Bed.
The green stairs led all the participants to the Festival Club of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL. The party began at 10:00 PM and lasted almost until dawn. As in previous years, the Festival Club and the Silent Disco, attracted big crowds. In Przylądek Arkadia +1 the Festival participants could not only enjoy great music, but also meet the guests of Transatlantyk.

You can see the photos from day one of the festival in our festival gallery!

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