Crowds at the screenings of Transatlantyk Audience Award film candidates and stars at your fingertips!
The record heat wave did not affect the attendance at Saturday film screenings. The festival hits - "45 Years" and "Amy" - filled the halls of Multikino 51 practically to the last seat. Viewers were given hundreds of bottles of mineral water, which helped to survive the temperatures reaching 40 degrees centigrade! In the air-conditioned halls of CK Zamek such stars as Joe Pantoliano and Joanna Kulig could be admired by cinema fans. The rain and the thunderstorm did not prevent the participants of ŠKODA Mobile Cinema, CineBedLibraTec with the Cinema in Bed and the Silent Disco from enjoying themselves.

The crowds at the screenings of "45 years", "Amy", "My mother" - which films are the candidates to the Transatlantyk Audience Award - and the ŠKODA Mobile Cinema.
Many people chose to see the hits of this year's Transatlantyk on Saturday. The biggest hit was "Amy". It turned out that following the last year's edition and the great success of  "20,000 Years on Earth" the festival audience is still hungry for good biographies of great stars of popular music. Because of the huge interest and bearing in mind the comfort of viewers the showing of the film about Amy Winehouse took place in two cinema halls.
Crowds also came to see the films previously shown at festivals in Berlin ("45 years") and Cannes ("My mother"). The documentaries "In the Basement", "Walking Under Water" and "Virunga", as well as "Bridgend" shown as part of the Confrontations section were also really popular.
The guests present at the Saturday sessions were the naturalist Grzegorz Gołębniak and the film director Karolina Bielawska. Gołębniak, who works in the Poznan naturalists’ club, exhaustively answered questions from the audience who had watched the Oscar-winning "Virunga", a film telling about the mass extinction of the Congolese mountain gorillas in the Virunga national park. Karolina Bielawska came to Poznan with her film "Call me Marianna" - a very touching story about a woman who has undergone sex reassignment surgery, and now is forced to face the hostility of the environment. Bielawska repeatedly insisted that the film was not really about transgender issues. “For me, this film was an excuse to look at the human need for intimacy and acceptance”, confessed the director.
During a long discussion after the screening of the film Bielawska answered all the questions from the festival audience. She also revealed that Antony Hegarty, the leader of the famous band Antony and The Johnsons, agreed to let her use one of his songs in the film at a very low price. “I got in touch with him through a New York museum, where an exhibition of his work had just been organized. He did not say either "yes" or "no", he just wanted me to send him my film. When he saw it, he agreed immediately,” said the director.
In the evening the viewers of the second movie shown at the Škoda Mobile Cinema, "Gone, Baby Gone" looked for Amanda at Culture Centre Zamek. Despite the delay caused by the storm, Ben Affleck's directorial debut attracted more than 250 people. The lucky ones could sit in the festival loungers, and the rest had to sit on the castle ledges and chairs brought from home.

The great creators at your fingertips!
The record high temperatures did not scare off Joanna Kulig's fans who flocked to the Great Hall for a meeting with this talented actress and singer on Saturday. In an interview with film critic Adam Kruk she confessed that she was a very happy person, who did not like the word "career" and preferred the term "artistic way". She told the festival audience about the positive and negative aspects of her work, the performances on theater stage, auditions, and working with such distinguished directors as Małgorzata Szumowska and Paweł Pawlikowski. During the meeting in Poznań she repeatedly stressed how unpredictable the actor’s profession is, and that, apart from talent, requires above all hard work and continuous development.
At the same time, the director Maciej Bochniak spoke about the secrets of the production of "Disco Polo" including the work on the set, special effects, color correction and post-production. His first full-length feature film is one of the biggest box office hits of 2015 at Polish cinemas. He explained to the workshop participants how he was able to find places for film sets that could render the atmosphere of the American Dream of the 1990s in Poland.
Next, a workshop on the use of drones in film production took place in the Great Hall. The representatives of the company AeroMind Justyna Siekierczak and Karol Nowak told the festival audience on legislation that allows the use of drones and they presented basic types and capabilities of drones. Later through the meeting, Waldemar Strążyński – the owner of Helivideo - told the viewers about the practical aspects of the use of drones on the basis of his experience of working as a film operator. After the theoretical part the audience was invited to go outside the Great Hall, where there was an installation depicting different kinds of drone models. At the end of the workshop the participants were taken to the Rose Courtyard. There they could see how to operate this unmanned aircraft.
At the same time, a horror film directed by Jennifer Ken, "The Babadook" was shown at the Nowe Kino Pałacowe. After the screening, a workshop for cameramen was held by Radek Ładczuk the author of the pictures for the film. The artist told the audience about how he had gotten involved in the work on the film and what the cooperation between the director and the rest of the film crew looked like. He focused in particular on the screenplay adaptation, the colors in the film and manipulating the light. He shared with the audience the references he received from Jennifer Ken and his own inspirations. He revealed numerous details on how to make the following steps in the production of the film and about the director’s work with the actors. The hall was packed, and the audience interested in the work of the cinematographer asked him countless questions.
During the meeting with the star of the festival, Joe Pantoliano, known for, among others, his roles in "The Matrix" and "Memento" the actor surprised the audience with an unusual openness and frankness. He admitted that poverty motivated him to begin work as an actor, but during the first performance on stage he felt like "in his mother's arms" and discovered that inspiring emotions in people was his calling. Pantoliano also spoke about the "old" Hollywood, stressing that today this dream factory is primarily governed by big corporations. "I've always been Cary Grant trapped in the body of Joe Pantoliano," he explained speaking of his fondness for the old time actor. He also talked about a series of lectures called "Showbiz 101" conducted by him at many American universities. According to Pantoliano, actors are "creative thieves," who draw inspiration from the behavior of the people who surround them, and success in the film industry is a mixture of instinct, luck and theory of acting.
The last Saturday session started with the screening of the documentary by Robert Stone “Pandora's Promise”. The film is about the approach of environmentalists and scientists to nuclear energy, presenting it in a very positive light. After the screening there was a meeting with Piotr Mazgaj, who presented the plans to build a nuclear power plant in Poland. The audience engaged in a lively discussion with the guest, expressing a number of concerns relating to such investments. The risks associated with radiation, storage of radioactive waste and the country's readiness for such a project were discussed. Piotr Mazgaj repeatedly stressed that the plan of building such a power plant is a very good option for Poland. However, it was clear that nuclear power still evokes a lot of negative emotions and not everyone is convinced that such a project is a wise choice. Perhaps, as the environmentalists in “Pandora's Promise” emphasized, only the next generation will be able to distance themselves from the stereotypical approach to nuclear physics and try to see its beneficial aspects.

Another day of attractions at Plac Wolności!
Throughout the whole day CineBedLibraTec at Plac Wolności was a refuge from the heat pouring from the sky. From early morning, you could hide in beds under canopies, eat breakfast served by Concordia Taste, and at 5:00 PM hear a lecture of Jola Starzak from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) about what is "common, private and collective". A comedy marathon at the Cinema in Bed was started with the Kevin Smith’s movie "Clerks". Despite a storm that passed over Poznań the screenings of "The Devil Wears Prada" with Meryl Streep’s daring role and "Happy-Go-Lucky" took place according to the schedule, as always with full house. The day ended with a party in the Festival Club, where crowds of people who were not scared by the rain could enjoy themselves.

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