Film Music Competition and Instant Competition Contest 2016!

Call for Entries! PGNiG Transatlantyk Festival is a festival of ideas. Perhaps the most important of them is to enable young talents to have a good way to start an international career. Therefore, for the sixth time, we announce prestigious composition competitions: Transatlantyk Film Music Competition and Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest.
Transatlantyk Film Music Competition is intended for composers who appreciate the opportunity to create music polished in every detail. PGNiG Transatlantyk Festival provides young artists with two short films, to which the composers create original soundtracks. Organizers leave the young artists an unlimited field of imagination. The choice of the instrumentation and the character of the music depends solely on the contestants. The submitted works - full, professionally prepared mock-ups are required - are then evaluated by an international committee of prominent experts. The audience meets only a selected elite group of 10 finalists.

Transatlantyk Film Music Competition gives young artists many opportunities. High monetary prizes (first prize is 20 thousand PLN), tough competition, and the presence of the jury composed of distinguished representatives of the world of music and film who assess the work of the finalists, give the competition international significance. In recent years, the international jury included: Marco Beltrami, Christopher Young, Richard Gladstein, Petr Zelenka, Jan AP Kaczmarek, Robert Townson, Mark Isham, et al. 
Competition’s laureates, such as Matthijs Kieboom, Nicholas Stroiński, Krzysztof A. Janczak, Garth Neustadter or Xiaotian Shi successfully developed their international careers. They all appreciate the positive influence of PGNiG Transatlantyk Festival. 

Along with the title of the Transatlantyk Young Composer 2015, the winner will receive:
- Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – First Prize - 20 000 PLN
Winners of the second and third prize will receive:
- Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – Second Prize - 10 000 PLN
- Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – Third Prize - 5 000 PLN

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Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest
is a spectacular and unique contest of simultaneous composition and synchronous improvisation to a motion picture, on piano. Young artists who have the talent to improvise and express emotions through the instrument, find a unique challenge here. They watch a short film and then, on stage, in front of the audience must create a composition connected to the picture. They see the film for the first time during the auditions. Immediately after watching the picture, they go on stage and ad hoc create music to the film they have just seen. This art requires extraordinary musical and emotional imagination, as well as exceptional technical proficiency.  

Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest has two stages. The first stage consists of auditions, open to all enrolled participants. For the finale, the second part of auditions, the jury selects 10 most creative young musicians. Many outstanding and famous personalities sat on the jury in previous years, among others Rolfe Kent, George Clinton, Roy Conli, Mark Marder, Zachary Matz, Leszek Możdżer, Peter Golub, Dave Porter, Vasco Hexel, et al.

Along with the title of the Transatlantyk Instant Composer 2015, the winner will receive:   
- Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – First Prize – 15 000 PLN   
Winners of the second and third prize will receive:
- Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – Second Prize – 7 500 PLN 
- Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – Third Prize – 5 000 PLN  

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