Joanna Łapińska is the Director of Programming!

Until now, Joanna Łapińska acted as an artisctic director of T-Mobile New Horizons Festival. From September 2016 she is the Director of Programming of Transatlantyk Festival in Lodz. The festival is going to take place from 14th till 21st July 2017.
For several years, Joanna Łapińska was associated with International Film Festival T-Mobile New Horizons. As the artistic director, she was responspible not only for the programme but also for the developing of the industry events. Joanna was the creator and mastermind behind the New Horizons Studio - the series of workshops for young talented people connected with film industry. She also built the Polish Days maket, organized from 2012. As the Director of Programming of Transatlantyk Festival, Joanna Łapińska will be responsible for all the industry events as well as the film programme.

Transatlantyk is the recognized international festival of the new generation that bases their identity by combing the sophisticated industry offer with the widely available educational programme and social activities.

Anna Jochymek

"We are delighted that Joanna will be the Director of Programming. I trust that this is the next step of the development of he Festival. I am happy that our great team is joined by the person with such an experience and achievement in film industry. Together, we are going to inspire, educate and connect" - says Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, the founder and director of Transatlantyk Festival in Lodz.

The next, seventh edition of the festival is going to take place in Lodz, 14-21 July. The team, under the guidance of the new Director of Programming is preparing a rich set of shows and accompanying events. The programme of the festival includes the most important movies from the inernational festival such as Sundance, Berlinale or Cannes.

"Transatlantyk convinced me with the new energy, creativity and freshness. I cannot wait to share the cinematography I love with the audience of the festival" - says Joanna Łapińska.

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