PGNiG Transatlantyk Introduction: "High-Rise"!

PGNiG Transatlantyk Festival takes place in Lodz, from 23 to 30 June 2016. But before the Festival, organizers invite to the PGNiG Transatlantyk Introduction cycle – the special screenings of the best movies this season. On 7 of April, the Lodz viewers have a chance to see the most anticipated movie of 2016: “High-Rise” with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons.
Tom Hiddleston is most known for his passionate role in “Only lovers left alive” (Jim Jarmusch) at the side of Tilda Swinton. In his latest film he portrays doctor Robert Lang who rents the beautiful apartment where all the needs of rich people are fulfilled. “High-Rise” is a futuristic vision and the disturbing portrait of the society, beautifully highlighted by the great music of Clint Mansell (the author of the soundtrack to “The Fountain” and “Black Swan”). 

The screening takes place in Helios Cinema Sukcesja (al. Politechniki 1).
Tickets (16PLN) are available in the cinema and via www.helios.pl. The screening is not preceded by the ads.

The project is developed in cooperation with Lodz Events Center and the City od Lodz.

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