Press conference of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL 2015!

Press conference - the first event of this year's TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL!
The participants of the press conference which opened the 5th anniversary edition of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL were the first ones to see the animation of the Festival’s poster. Beside Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, the founder and director of the Transatlantyk Festival, the following guests arrived at Multikino 51: actor Joe Pantoliano, screenwriter Shem Bitterman, conductor Monika Wolińska, Michał Cabaj, a representative of the main sponsor - Škoda, founder of VOX Capital Group and a longtime friend of the Festival Piotr Voelkel, Małgorzata Kempa of the Department of Culture of UMWW and Marcin Kostaszuk of the Department of Culture of the Poznań City Hall.
During the conference Jan A.P. Kaczmarek revealed that the theme of this year's Festival is the word... "chaos". He also explained why the Festival will not award this year's Glocal Hero Award. "The winner is a person seen on the front pages of newspapers, a prominent figure who unfortunately could not appear in Poznan in person. As a rule, we do not award the prize in absentia, you can only pick it up during our Gala. Therefore, during the next 6th edition two outstanding personalities will receive the Glocal Hero Award," said Jan A..P Kaczmarek.
The deputy director of the Culture Department Marcin Kostaszuk emphasized the cultural role of the Transatlantyk Festival in the Poznan artistic environment. On the other hand, Joe Pantoliano, who came to the conference straight from the airport, admitted to be extremely curious about his visit in a country with such a rich history as Poland.

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