Recap of the 5th edition of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL!


Poznań, August 7th to 14th 2015
The fifth TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL was marked by record heat and hectoliters of water handed to the festival audience. Almost 65 thousand people participated in hundreds of film, music and educational events in Poznań and Greater Poland! They filled movie theaters during the screenings of "Dheepan", "Son of Saul", "45 years", "Amy", "Slow West" or "Apostle". There were crowds at the TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema evenings and the Cinema in Bed at Plac Wolności. Viewers took part in inspiring and often stormy discussions at 78 meetings, panel discussions and workshops in the halls of Culture Centre Zamek in CineBedLibraTec and on the green festival stairs. Prominent artists from around the world were at the audience's fingertips. The best Polish chefs came to the Culinary Cinema, the event programmed together with the creators of the Berlinale. Talented young composers participated in unique competitions of live improvisation and film music. The program of the 5th edition of the festival with chaos as the main theme inspired, provoked reflections, confronting our ideas with the outside world, taught, entertained and moved us.

"The Transatlantyk Festival is a journey of a lonely mind into the world of shared experience, into the joy of outstanding people’s debates, into the world of creative energy that can only arise from a successful meeting with others. The festival was and still is a great meeting of a amazing audience with very creative people," said Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, an Oscar-winner, the founder and director of the festival.

GUESTS: artists from around the world at your fingertips!
Star of "The Matrix" and "Memento" Joe Pantoliano, Oscar-nominated composer John Debney, the makeup artist, Shaune Harrison, who worked on the Harry Potter 
film saga, a star of Polish cinema Joanna Kulig are just a few of over a hundred guests who visited this year’s Transatlantyk.
The director of "Disco Polo", the biggest Polish cinema hit of 2015, Maciej Bochniak told the audience how he managed to capture on the screen the unique atmosphere of the 1990s. Cameraman, Radosław Ładczuk revealed to the viewers the secrets of working on the sensational, horror film "The Babadook" and the director and rector of the Lodz Film School Mariusz Grzegorzek presented the strategy for the development of his college and talked with the audience about his film "The Singing Napkin", which he made together with his students. Joanna Kulig, known for her roles in “Sponsoring” and “Facet potrzebny od zaraz”, revealed the secrets of her acting techniques to the Poznań audience.
At the Transatlantyk Festival you could also listen to foreign guests including Shaune Harrison, who spoke about his work on the makeup in Harry Potter, the director of "Woman in Gold" -  Simon Curtis, and Joe Pantoliano, who told the viewers about how his work on the documentary "No Kidding? Me Too!" helped him fight depression. Among other guests who met with the audience were also the director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute Paweł Potoroczyn, the founder of Alvernia Studios - Stanislaw Tyczyński, a lawyer and journalist, professor Wiktor Osiatyński, the director of the National Audiovisual Institute Michał Merczyński and the actor, Rafał Królikowski. At CineBedLibraTec on Plac Wolności, the journalist,  Jaroslaw Kuźniar and the music critic, Piotr Metz participated, among others, in the lectures.

The Transatlantyk Festival.... What a complete joy. Your audiences are exceptional movie lovers, over the last seven days I got the chance to visit old friends and make new ones. I discovered in silence, took writing workshop's & saw a world-class symphony....  What can I say Cinema in Bed, another first, during a thunderstorm. All thus in the comfort of a beautiful metropolitan city. What great memories I'll have to take back to the States. I've been fortunate, I've been invited to a few festivals in my time why this stands apart? In my humble observation is this. Transatlantyk Festival is a celebration that inspires.... Old timer's like me and the future storytellers. Reminding all of us of the glory and service that movies and music provide. What a gift," confessed Joe Pantoliano, the special guest of the anniversary edition of the Transatlantyk.

FILMS: Crowds came to see the movies at cinemas and in open-air screenings!
The biggest movie hits of the festival were "45 Years", awarded at the festival in Berlin, the winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes, "Dheepan", Guy Ritchie's spy comedy "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", Cannes Grand Prix 2015 "Son of Saul", the documentaries "Amy" and "Pearl Button" and two Sacrum section films, "Calvary" and "The Apostle". The Transatlantyk Audience Award was given to "Slow West" by John Maclean, who received this award in person during the Closing Gala of the festival.
This year's program was extremely diverse: there were 17 sections, more than 100 movies and hundreds of shows in four festival cinemas (Multikino 51, Muza, Rialto, Nowe Kino Pałacowe) as well as outdoors, in various locations of Poznań and the Greater Poland, as part of the Transatlantyk: Škoda Mobile Cinema. The genre spectrum of the festival films included, among others, drama, comedy, horror, thrillers, documentaries or crime stories. Among the various festival sections were the Cinema of the Third Age or B-Movies and Other Craze with the leading theme of "Body Horror". There was also a retrospective of the best films produced by the legendary French company Gaumont. The Sacrum section shown at the Rialto enjoyed great popularity as well. Virtually all of the performances of this cycle were sold out!
Hundreds of Poznań residents gathered daily at the screenings of the Transatlantyk: Škoda Mobile Cinema, and tickets for screenings at the Cinema in Bed were sold out in less than an hour.

"I consider my first Transatlantyk adventure to be a success. I am delighted that we managed to present at the festival a very diverse programme, from Hollywood movies and films that featured world cinema stars to the hits of the most important festivals in the world including Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Venice as well as artistic cinema and documentaries. We wanted to treat the viewers to a true cinematic cornucopia, and I think it worked," said Bartek Pulcyn, the programmer of the 5th edition of the event.

EDUCATION & INSPIRATIONS: over 400 hours of inspirational events!
The Culture Centre Zamek and CineBedLibraTec at Plac Wolności were the two festival locations where you could take part in 78 inspiring Master Classes, workshops, panel discussions, free film screenings, lectures and meetings of the Education&Inspirations pillar.
What could the attendees of the festival learn? Among other things, how and why drones are used in film production, or how crowdfunding and 3D printers can help young artists. Participants of workshops got to know the ins and outs of film editing, cinematography, scriptwriting, music production and creating radio plays. There were also discussions on chaos, euthanasia and dying with dignity, the beauty in physics, the legal culture on the web or Polish narrative in the world.

"The Education&Inspirations meetings were an incredible opportunity to discover extraordinary artists and scientists who willingly shared their experience and knowledge, talked about their lives and professional success, and often revealed previously unknown facts about their work. Thanks to this, the festival was not just about watching movies and parties at the Festival Club, but also the time to develop and find new inspiration," said Joanna Michalik, a Transatlantyk Festival volunteer.

MUSIC: the first ever winner of the composition contest!
Just eight days ago the festival audience participated in the SUPERB Evening Opening Gala, listening to the concert commemorating James Horner and the "Interlude" by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, now the time has come for the Closing Gala of the 5th edition of Transatlantyk. This event was broadcast live on the NINATEKA website and on TVP Kultura. In the musical part, the audience gathered in the UAM Hall listened to the interpretation of works of the twentieth century's greatest composers performed by this year's winners of Paszporty Polityki , the band “Kwadrofonik”. Aleksander Dębicz, the winner of the first prize in the instant composition contest in 2013, presented songs from his debut album "Cinematic Piano" for the first time in Poznań. During the Gala the winners of the TRANSATLANTYK major awards were announced. The first prize in the Transatlantic Instant Composition Contest went to Aleksandra Chmielewska - the winner was awarded the Transatlantic Instant Composer Award in the amount of 15 000 PLN. The runners up were Jacek Kita and Bartosz Kalicki. Besides Jacek Cichocki and Tomaz Vital, from Brazil received honorary awards. The prizes were awarded by the jury with Curt Sobel as a president, and Mariusz Grzegorzek, Ray Costa, Andy Hill and Frank Ilfman.
The winner of the Transatlantyk Young Composer Award in the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition was an Italian, Andrea Grant. He received the prize of 20 000 PLN. The second place went to the German, Bartosch McCarthy. Two contestants finished third, Leeran Raphaely from the United States and Paweł Litwińczyk from Poland. The honorary awards went to the Azerbaijani, Rovshan Asgarzade and the Iranian, Roozbehi Parandeh. The jury's president was John Debney, and the other members were Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Dorota Kędzierzawska, Andrzej Maleszka and Michael P. Aust.

"Both music and the film are very close to me. The composers’ competition greatly impressed me. On one hand, I must mention the involvement of the composers, their remarkable technical proficiency and expressiveness, on the other, the fact that the film is viewed by the jury and the audience repeatedly with different music in the background", said professor Krzysztof A. Meissner, an outstanding Polish physicist, a special guest of this year's festival.

The first estimates show that the total attendance at the 5th anniversary edition of the Transatlantyk festival amounted to almost 65,000! We owe this mainly to full cinema halls and an exceptionally high numbers of visitors in CineBedLibraTec and Cinema in Bed, at the shows of Transatlantyk: Škoda Mobile Cinema in Poznan and Wielkopolska, as well as educational events in Culture Centre Zamek. More than 3.6 thousand people have taken part in the educational events this year. Over 36 thousand viewers have seen the festival films in all the screenings both indoors and outdoors! Here is some more statistical data on the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL 2015:
  • over 100 films in 17 thematic sections, including 30 Polish premieres of the biggest film festival hits from all over the world
  • 250 screenings at the Multikino 51, Kino Muza, Cinema in Bed on Plac Wolności, Kino Rialto, Nowe Kino Pałacowe, the Great Hall of Culture Centre Zamek and the Škoda Mobile Cinema all over the Greater Poland, which were watched by more than 36 thousand viewers!
  • the Transatlantyk Škoda Mobile Cinema: from 3 July to 30 August there were 25 shows in 19 cities in the Greater Poland - more than 4,300 spectators at the screenings until August 13!
  • nearly 120 artists from around the world, more than 200 accredited journalists and 160 volunteers from all over Poland
  • 5 Culinary Cinema evenings for 750 spectators, prepared in cooperation with the creators of the Berlinale
  • 50 beds, 14 days of lectures, plays, games, photoshoots and meals and more than 8,000 people in CineBedLibraTec at Plac Wolności in Poznan
  • 38 screenings and nearly 5,700 spectators in the world's only Cinema in Bed, open 15 for days this year!
  • 78 educational events lasting a total of over 400 hours (including Master Classes, workshops, panel discussions, workshops for people with disabilities, as well as workshops for children and teenagers, Coffee with..., Talking Piano, open meetings, radio plays)
  • 40 individual meetings of "a master with a student" called Coffee with..., in which 21 liters of coffee was drunk
  • prizes totaling 55,000 PLN in two unique competitions for young composers: the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition and the Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest
  • Transatlantyk Audience Award 2015 for the closing film of the festival - the movie "Slow West" directed by John Maclean
  • nearly 500 spectators at each screening of the biggest hits of the festival: "Dheepan", "45 Years", "Amy", "Son of Saul", "Pearl Button", "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "Slow West"!

The main patron of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL 2015 is the City of Poznań.

The event was co-financed by the Marshal of Wielkopolska Region's Local Government, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Film Institute and the National Cultural Centre under the "Kultura - interwencje 2015" program.

The main sponsor of the festival is Škoda. CineBedLibraTec at Plac Wolności was organized in collaboration with the sponsors: VOX Furniture, Porta, Kronopol and LOT as well as Concordia Design and the universities: University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), Collegium Da Vinci and School of Form.

The Culinary Cinema, prepared for the fifth time together with the International Film Festival in Berlin, was held this year thanks to the support and courtesy of the supermarket chain Piotr I Paweł, the Concordia Taste restaurant, Gault & Millau Polska, Winosfera, Emilio Moro Bodegas and José Pariente Rueda.

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