Second 2017 International Composition Contest Is Announced!

We have the pleasure to announce our second flagship international composition contest for young composers: Transatlantyk Film Music Competition.. Transatlantyk Film Music Competition™ challenges the composers to prepare a well-constructed and thoroughly thought-over composition based on an original idea. 
The Festival provides contest participants with two film clips (a short feature and an animation – in order to examine their expertise in dealing with various film genres). All participants then create their own original film scores. The choice of a music genre and instrumentation is left up to the composers. Complete compositions will be evaluated by an international Jury comprised of renowned experts (composers, film-makers, musicologists). The audience will watch only the final selection of ten carefully chosen compositions. The works of the finalists will then be evaluated by the Jury. The ten said film scores will be selected from all submitted compositions. Transatlantyk Festival will provide the 10 young finalists with travel expenses to cover the cost of their journey from their place of residence to Łódź. 

Over several hundreds of composers from six continets took part in overall six editions of  Transatlantyk Film Music CompetitionTM so far. The winners include: Xiaotian Shi (who later composed the film score to November Man, starring Pierce Brosnan), Matthijs Kieboom (the composer of film scores to fifteen European feature films), Jeffrey van Rossum and Moritz Schmittat (both composed the scores to several dozens of films and tv series), among others. Honorary mentions received Gareth Neudstadter (who later received an Emmy Award and cooperated with Hans Zimmer and James Franco), Andrea Grant (the composer of the scores to over ten films who received NYC Indie Film Awards), Krzysztof Janczak (the composer of the scores to over forty films and tv productions), and Paweł Pudło (the author of a choral composition that was performed during EURO 2012). All this proves that Transatlantyk Film Music Competition™ is an important step in the careers of young composers.

In the previous years, among the jurors were such renowned figures as: John Ottman (a BAFTA winner for editing The Usual Suspects), Christopher Young (a Golden Globe nominee for the film score to The Shipping News), Petr Zelenka (a great Czech director known for Buttoners and Tales of Common Insanity), Daniel Pemberton (a Golden Globe nominee for the film score to Steve Jobs), Mark Isham (an Oscar nominee for the film score to A River Runs Through It, a Golden Globe nominee for the score to Nell, and an Emmy Award winner for the main theme to EZ Streets), John Debney (an Oscar nominee for the film score to The Passion of the Christ), Roque Banos (ten-time nominee and a two-time winner of Goya Award – for the film scores to The Thirteen Roses and The Oxford Murderers), Marco Beltrami (an Oscar nominee for the scores to 3.10 to Yuma and The Hurt Locker), and Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (an Oscar winner for the film score to Finding Neverland, the founder and director of Transatlantyk Festival), among others.
The winner of the contest will receive:
- Title: Transatlantyk Young Composer 2017 and Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – First Prize – PLN 20,000  
The jury will also award: 
- Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – Second Prize – PLN 10,000 
- Transatlantyk Young Composer Award – Third Prize – PLN 5,000 

June 5, 2017 – Contest announcement 
June 5, 2017 – Releasing the film clips
July 5, 2017 – Deadline for sending entries (together with compositions) and entrance fee payment 
July 9, 2017 – Announcing the finalists 
July 20, 2017 – The final (the screening of the 10 selected compositions in front of the Jury and the audience) 
July 21, 2017 – Announcing the winners and the award ceremony, which takes place during the Closing Night Gala 

Entry to the final screening of the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition™ held at the New Theatre of Kazimierz Dejmek in Lodz on July 20 is free of charge. Accreditation holders will be seated first. We would like to remind you that the accreditations will be available for purchase via our website: www.transatlantyk.org. The number of accreditations is limited.

More info available here.

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