The Programme of Culinary Cinema Is Announced!

A combination of culinary art and cinema? It is possible only during the Transatlantyk Festival! For the seventh time, we invite the audiences to join in on an extraordinary cinematic adventure following a trail set by the greatest culinary chefs. We give you our exceptional section: Culinary Cinema, prepared in cooperation with the Berlin International Film Festival!

The tickets for Culinary Cinema are already available for purchase via our website: kulinarne.transatlantyk.org. The cost of a single ticket (screening + dinner) is PLN 200. 
We invite the Transatlantyk Festival participants to watch outstanding documentaries and feature films devoted to such culinary themes as food preparation or unraveling the secrets of wine. Culinary Cinema is an original series created by Berlin International Film Festival. Transatlantyk holds the exclusive rights to the project in Poland. Thomas Struck, the initiator and a long-time curator of the Berlin series, supervises the film programme of the Polish edition of Culinary Cinema. Among the chefs that took part in the project so far were: Wojciech Modest Amaro, Martin Gimenez Castro, Aleksander Baron, and Maciej Rosiński.

This year's edition will be held between July 15 (Saturday) and July 19 (Wednesday) at the Transatlantyk Festival in Lodz
Culinary Cinema is a significant part of our philosophy of life. It is not only about screening a film and preparing a dinner inspired by the production. It is a return to the idea of archaic food, in a good way – to food free of artificial additives and GMO. To food that is a pretext for a slow meeting – says the Director of Transatlantyk Festival, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. By presenting a carefully selected movies we inspire the viewers and encourage them to join us in the quest for passion. Both, in cinema and on a plate.
We have the pleasure to present you six extraordinary chefs who will be in charge of providing the viewers with unforgettable experiences during the Festival dinners.

Wojciech Modest Amaro – one of the most commonly known Polish chefs, the owner of Atelier Amaro,awarded with one Michelin star, the juror in a culinary tv programme Top Chef and the host of the Polish edition of Hell's Kitchen. He is known for his attempts to re-create Polish flavors in a unique manner. He passionately analyzes old Polish recipes, trying to find the origins of a given flavor and new ways of introducing it into the modern Polish cuisine.

Katarzyna Daniłowicz – the chef of the 128 Olszewski Restaurant in Wroclaw. In 2017, she was awarded with the title of the best Female Chef by Gault&Millau. Although she studied architechture, she decided to pursue her true passion: cooking. In interviews she often admits that already in high school she used to spend her free time practicing cooking. The main theme of this year's edition of Transatlantyk Festival is the Power of Woman. Therefore, we cannot imagine organizing our 2017 Culinary Cinema without Katarzyna Daniłowicz, the first female winner of the Polish Top Chef!

Robert Skubisz – the chef of Amber Room, based in Warsaw. He believes in the idea of slow food and promotes local and seasonal cuisine. He gained experience by working at famous restaurants based in London, such as Alain Dusasse, located in the luxurious Dorchester hotel.

Sebastian Krauzowicz – the chef of the Sfera Restaurant in Torun, two-time medalist of the prestigeous Erfurt Culinary Olympics, a bronze medalist of the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. As a 25-year-old, he became the chef of Orkanówka Restaurant in Nowy Targ. In the kitchen he uses mostly simple products as he believes that a well-prepared dish must be done always in the same way.

Tomasz Purol – the winner of the 5th edition of Top Chef, the chef of Blow Up 5050 Hall in Poznan. He loves preparing dishes based on rare vegetables – the manifestation of this passion is his book Warzywniak. Zapomniane smaki (Greengrocer's. The Forgotten Flavors), in which he encourages the readers to experiment with vegetables.

Mariusz Pieterwas – the owner of Pieterwas – Krew i Woda Restaurant, based in Gdynia. He pursues the idea the so-called open kitchen, where customers can observe the process of preparing the dishes. As a resident of the Polish Tricity, he is very enthusiastic about working with fish and sea food.

All chefs will present their own original menus based on the films that will be screened during a particular evening. All dinners will be held at the Machine Hall in EC1 (Lodz). The screenings will take place in Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz and start at 18:30 sharp. The Organizer provides transportation from the cinema to the dinner venue.

Culinary Cinema Programme:
15.07, 18.30, Soul (directed by Angel Parra & Jose Antonio Blanco, 2016)
Screening Venue: Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz
Opening Dinner by: Wojciech Modest Amaro
Special Guest: Daria Pawlewska, Editor-in-Chief of the KUKBUK magazine
Dinner Venue: EC1 Lodz
Jiro On and Eneko Atxa – two chefs from seemingly completely different countries (Japan and Spain) – are the protagonists of Soul. What brings them together is the love of food and... three Michelin stars granted to their restaurants. Soul is a film about an extraordinary friendship and searching for the “soul” of cooking. On the screen we will see the chef from Jiro Dreams of Sushi, who together with other chefs wonders whether by feeding our bodies, we also feed our souls.

16.07, 18.30 Monsieur Mayonnaise (directed by Trevor Graham, 2016)
Screening Venue: Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz
Dinner by: Robert Skubisz
Special Guest: Trevor Graham, the director and producer of the film, and Philippe Mora, a screenwriter and director, the main protagonist of the production
Dinner Venue: EC1 Lodz
Monsieur Mayonnaise tells the story of an Australian film director, Philippe Mora, and his father – an active opositionist during the World War II. Through the eyes of the protagonist, who is also the narrator of the story, we learn about family secrets. Philippe Mora will join us during the dinner as a special guest.

17.07, 18.30 Babette's Feast (directed by Gabriel Axel, 1987)
Screening Venue: Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz
Dinner by: Katarzyna Daniłowicz
Special Guest: Barbara Starecka Dinner Venue: EC1 Lodz
The Power of Woman will be represented during Culinary Cinema by the only feature film in the section – Babette's Feast. It is a film adaptation of a short story by Karen Blixen, the author of Out of Africa. The story unravels around a feast prepared by a female servant for her employers. A must-see production!

18.07, 18.30 Boone (directed by Christopher LaMarca, 2016)
Screening Venue: Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz
Dinner by: Tomasz Purol and Mariusz Pieterwas
Special Guest: Grzegorz Łapanowski
Dinner Venue: EC1 Lodz
Boone is a hipnotic documentary about three young U.S. farmers. Christopher LaMarca, the director of the production, lived at their farm for several months recording their daily routine. The film shatters the stereotype of how peaceful life in the country is.

19.07, 18.30 ANDRÉ – The Voice of Wine (directed by Mark Tschelistcheff, 2016)
Screening Venue: Multikino: Silver Screen in Lodz
Dinner by: Sebastian Krauzowicz
Special Guest: Micheal Seresin, cinematographer (Midnight Express, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Birdy) and a wine producer
Dinner Venue: EC1 Lodz
The Closing Dinner of Culinary Cinema by Transatlantyk Festival will be a treat for wine lovers. ANDRÉ tells the story of a famous wine producer, Andre Tschelistcheff, and the extreme popularity of Californian wine. Micheal Seresin, the creator of photography to such films as Birdy, Midnight Express, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, will be our special guest. Not many people know, however, that wine is also Seresin's passion – he produces New Zealand wines.

The tickets for Culinary Cinema are already available for purchase via our website: kulinarne.transatlantyk.org. The cost of a single ticket (screening + dinner) is PLN 200.
Patryk Dziamski is the Kitchen Manager. Tomasz Tarkowski is in charge of serving. 

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