The shocking "Son of Saul", the magic of Harry Potter, a discussion about chaos and the new edition of the Culinary Cinema!
On Sunday, the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL audience learned why the Japanese soldiers should not have a pungent smell. The definition of chaos as presented by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and Professor Wiktor Osiatyński was discussed. Shaune Harrison revealed the secrets of the creation of Aragog, and Joe Pantoliano introduced the audience to the world of "The Matrix". In the evening, crowds of spectators arrived at Multikino 51 to see the "Son of Saul", the winner of the Grand Prix in Cannes. All the seats at the tables in Concordia Taste were also filled. The first dinner in this year's Culinary Cinema took place there.

FILM - crowds came to see the hits from Cannes and the Berlinale!
The big hits of the second day of the Transatlantyk Festival turned out to be the "Son of Saul" (Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Film Festival), "Inherent Vice" by Paul Thomas Anderson based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon, the documentary "Pearl Button" awarded at the Berlin Film Festival and the amazing film "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night", an explosive pop culture mixture, in which the main character is a vampire.
Just before the start of the film, the viewers of "The Matrix" were extremely surprised by the visit paid by Joe Pantoliano, who played the role of Cypher in it. He presented a brief lecture on the film. The screening of the Whitney Houston’s biography "Whitney", on the other hand was attended by the film’s screenwriter, Shem Bitterman. Despite the late hour he patiently answered all the questions from the viewers, who were most interested in the process of creating the scenario. "It took me about two years to write it. After that it sat in my drawer for a while, and then, when the book written by Whitney Houston’s mother was published, I had to change it almost entirely ", said Bitterman. One of the questions concerned Houston’s toxic relationship with her husband Bobby Brown, which is not shown on screen. "I was interested in only six specific years of Whitney’s career, the time of her greatest artistic success and the beginning of the relationship with Brown. Of course, I know the sad story of their relationship, but everything bad happened between them later," he explained, adding that Bobby Brown saw "Whitney" and is surprised by the amount of information that Bitterman managed to collect.
Another movie that was really popular among the festival audience was the "Woman in Gold". After the screening there was a meeting with the director Simon Curtis. The cinema hall was filled to the brim, and many viewers asked the filmmaker questions.
Wieniawski Park became a huge cinema thanks to the TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema. The weather was ideal to spend the night under the open sky. The viewers saw the world cinema classic, "Life is Beautiful" with Roberto Benigni's Oscar role. The Poznań audience did not disappoint the organizers and all the seats in the park were occupied.
The first two days of the Transatlantyk Festival aroused great interest of viewers. Shows in our cinemas and outdoor screenings at the Cinema in Bed, as well as the Škoda Mobile Cinema brought together more than 7 thousand viewers.

CULINARY CINEMA: Dinner inspired by the perfect Sergio Herman!
During the screening in the Nowe Kino Pałacowe the guests present at the first night of the Culinary Cinema could find out why the Dutch chef, Sergio Herman is said to be "fu**ing perfect". A unique dinner consisting of 6, and not 4 as usually, courses, inspired by the film, was prepared in Concordia Taste by Ernest Jagodziński. On the plates one could find Norway lobster (scampi), salmo trutta and smoked veal.
Culinary workshops "Pyszoty" for the youngest participants of the Transatlantyk began on Sunday. The children could learn the secrets of healthy and, above all, colorful cooking.

EDUCATION & INSPIRATIONS: the magic of Harry Potter and the considerations on chaos!
In the Education&Inspirations section at CK Zamek a sensory workshop was held for the blind and visually impaired. Under the guidance of a qualified senselier Marta Siembab the participants tried to recognize scents and cultural codes assigned to them. In the theoretical part they could learn that the olfactory sensitivity and cultural codes connected with fragrances vary depending on the region of the world. A person with an intense smell, for example, cannot join the army in Japan, because the Japanese soldier must be invisible to the enemy in every respect. Men in the Middle East, on the other hand, can smell of roses. After a theoretical introduction it was time for the practical part. Using scraps of fabric, kitchen spices and paper sprinkled with essential oils, amateur perfumers created the touch and scent map of the person of their choice.
At the workshop on "Crowdfunding of the Masters - the Greatest Revolution of Our Times" conducted by Jakub Sobczak and Michał Połetko, the participants could learn how the social financing system works in Poland. The creators of the website Polakpotrafi.pl tried to explain how to properly prepare a crowdfunding draft. They focused on issues such as budget planning, promotion and description of the project and preparing prizes for the supporters. The meeting was very interesting, especially that the hosts tried to interact with the audience and to adapt the workshop to the participants’ needs.
An extremely important part of the festival was the meeting with Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and Professor Wiktor Osiatyński in the Great Hall of CK Zamek. The subject of the meeting was chaos, which is the leading theme of this year's festival. The Professor in the role of self-appointed host of the meeting conducted voting among the public on the question which chair he should sit on. As expected, he opposed the will of the majority. He acquainted the audience with the list of synonyms of the concept of chaos. Jan A.P. Kaczmarek admitted that chaos simultaneously fascinates and frightens him. With regard to the fundamental civil and humane issues the "hunger for truth” is the eternally unsatisfied, he said. He addressed the political chaos, exemplified by the armed conflicts in the Middle East, as well as the economic and information chaos. The latter, especially, resulting in a subjective sense of chaos was, in his opinion, a serious problem. For Professor Osiatyński chaos is the natural state of the world. He also stated that the establishment of order, even on a small scale, requires work and effort. He tried to prove that the problems, which Jan A.P. Kaczmarek pointed to are rather the result of actions of specific interest groups. Various political and business forces establish a specific order which only apparently gives the impression of disorder. The fact that it has a global reach makes it even more difficult to overthrow. The destruction of the old order is needed to establish a new one, he believes. The audience asked what the sources of internal chaos were. According to the professor they are the Furies and passions that burst us. The way out of the chaos, he said, may be finding an authority, but nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a person that could be considered an authority.
The meeting with the brilliant makeup artist Shaune Harrison attracted a lot of interest and attention of many people who grew up with the Harry Potter novels. The artist introduced the listeners to the secrets of the art of characterization and the creation of props, which appeared in the cinema adaptations of the books. You could learn how the face of Lord Voldemort, the spider Aragog and the goblins of Gringotts Bank were created. Shaun talked about the extremely laborious and precise process of creation, as well as the paradoxes connected with his craft. "We spent 5 months creating Hermione’s feline mask which then appeared in a 10-second scene." The presentation was supplemented by a series of fantastic photos from the studio and film sets that showed how very important and fascinating the role of makeup in the creation of film magic was.

PLAC WOLNOŚCI: the secrets of design, legendary films in bed, and the crowds at the Silent Disco!
The leading theme at CineBedLibraTec was design. Its ins and outs were introduced by Katarzyna Briks from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS). The listeners could find out what speculative design is, and learn what most inspires today's designers. After the lecture there was no doubt that design was not just making nice items but a way of life. The screenings at the Cinema in Beds began with the film that perfectly matched the context, a comedy about people’s fantasies, "The Little Death". Then Wes Anderson's great animated movie "Fantastic Mr. Fox" introduced a more familiar mood and the diversity of the evening was completed by the film "Behind the Candelabra" with great roles of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.
The day ended with a party at the Festival Club, and the Square was filled again with the Silent Disco fans.

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