Transatlantyk Festival poster with Clio Key Art Award 2016!

Transatlantyk Festival 2016 poster created by Tomasz Opasiński (graphic designer and creative director of Netflix) is the bronze winner of the Clio Key Art Award 2016! The event is the tribute to the outstanding creators of visual communication in film, TV and computer games intudstry. The partner of the Award is The Hollywood Reporter.
Tomasz Opasiński is one of the gratest poslish computer games designer living in Los Angels. He is the co-creator of almost 500 film, TV and computer games' campaigns for many brands and advertising agencies. Opasiński was the participant, finalist and member of the jury of the many graphic competitions. In Hollywood, he was responsible for the graphic design of "Shrek", "Transformers" and "Harry Potter" movies. This is the third time of the cooperation between Transatlantyk Festival in Lodz and the designer. The two previous posters was also awarded at international graphic competition (twice at Film Festival Poster Awards among others).

I tried to ilustrate the idea of Transatlantyk Festival as clear as possible. I thought about myself and millions of people around me and I was trying to understand what we think as crowd and what we miss in this crowd. The theme of the festival - refugees - was extremely difficult not only to ilustrate but also to film, to tell a story. What we see is no always the truth and the truth is not always a fact. The wall is invisible and sometimes so high that this is all we can notice  - says Opasinski.


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